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September Holiday - Bee Keeping Workshops!September Holidays - Bee Savy!

September Holiday - Bee Keeping Workshops!

Bee Keeping Workshop!

Thur 28 September –  Sat 7 October – Tue 17 October

Beekeeping workshops at Mountain Ridge Wines (minutes from our Park!) start in September!
Price for full day course includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
The groups will be a minimum of four people, and a maximum of six people.
Book in for a stay at Tall Timbers and learn all about bees taboot!

You will learn:
Bee biology; Life cycles, duties in the hive, foraging behaviour, communication methods, hive defence behaviour; How to open and inspect a hive; How to identify pests and diseases and treatment methods; What’s needed to start beekeeping; – How to source bees and create nucleus hives; Hive management through the seasons; Honey extraction and wax recovery methods; How to register to become a beekeeper and your legal responsibilities.