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Empress, November 2016

It’s just a small community at Empress but I feel safe and happy. When the grandkids come to visit I take them to the local beaches and cafes.

October 2016, Landsborough Pines

I love all the native plants and birds that surround my home, it makes it such a special place to live.

September 2016, Coastal Palms

We recently bought a brand new home at Coastal Palms. We have more money to enjoy life and have made some wonderful friends.

August 2016, Tall Timbers

I have my dog and my friends and I’m in a beautiful part of the world. What more could I want?.

December 2016, Tomaga River

Since Allswell has taken over our community, I can say I feel proud to live here again.

July 2016, Federation Village Glenroy

It’s safe, it’s beautiful, it’s affordable. It’s our village, and we’re thrilled with it.

October 2016, Federation Village Sunshine

When I arrived I was recently widowed. I have met the warmest people and made the closest friends.

October 2016, Federation Village Werribee

The village is just the prettiest place. Our family loves to visit us here.