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From $305,000*

The Juliet home is a luscious 2 bedroom delight.

The home has clearly delineated living and private spaces with ample laundry, and bathroom amenity.
A spacious main queen bedroom, and double bedroom providing ample storage included generous
built in wardrobes. A compact, well designed, and secure home.


Internal living area   56m²
External living area   9.4m²
Carport                       18m²
Total                            83.4m2



Floor plan, elevations and interiors are indicative only.  Pricing subject to change without notice, furniture not included. All homes come complete with compliance plates, internal/external finishes, carport, carport slab, driveway crossover, garden shed, clothesline, and minor landscaping. Home floor height approx. 1500mm above natural ground. Details of ‘finishes packages’ are available in the Information Pack on request

*Prices are based on owning your home and leasing the land for a weekly site fee. Click here for more details